With the Invisalign-System orthdontic treatments are based on applying a series of transparent plastic aligners. These aligners are nearly invisible, hard to be recognized when wearing and offer unparalleled comfort. Both professional and personal life are only minimally affected: Speaking, phone calls, eating etc. are easily possible.

Additional advantages of Invisalign® include:

  • Hygiene without restrictions
  • Less root resorptions
  • Less gum inflammations
  • Lower risk for caries compared to classical fixed appliances

We have nearly 20 years of experience with aligner therapies. Invisalign, the globally leading producer of plastic aligners, has recognized us among the top 50 orthodontic centers across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

With invisalign we can treat patients
across all ages

Step 1

First appointment to conduct initial assessment

During a first conversation we assess your individual situation and discuss your needs and expectations for the orthodontic therapy.

Step 2

Planning based on digital 3D modeling and digital X-Rays of your teeth

During a second appointment we then show you how we can correct your misalignments with Invisalign and how much a therapy with invisible aligners would cost you.

Step 3

Treatment with invisible aligners

During the following appointment we prepare all steps to apply invisible plastic aligners and initiate your therapy.

Step 4

Regular check-ups

During the therapy it is important to setup regular check-ups to optimally monitor and support the evolution of the treatment.

Step 5

Finalization of the treatment and stabilization of the teeth

Following completion of an active therapy, the patients‘ teeth are typically either stabilized based on a metal retainer (metal wire fixed on the inside) or with a final transparent plastic aligner worn over night. This ensures a sustainable result and limits future movement of the teeth.
Upon request we are also happy to bleach your teeth to complete the treatment.