Children and adolescents often face the situation that teeth and jaws are misaligned.  An impact on chewing and swallowing fucntions can lead to severe long-term complications including damages to mandibular joints and peridontal apparatus.

Generally children join us for a first appointment between their 8th and 10th birthday for a first treatment discussion. This timing is ideal, as at this age generally dentition starts changing in the posterior region and growth of the jaws has not finished yet.

An active treatment at this age is only required in case of critical functional disturbances. In the mean-time the development of the teeth is carefully monitored.

Most treatments occur during teenage years, once all existing problems are visible and can be addressed. In general we try to await the right point in time that we can keep the treatment duration optimal and avoid unnecessary prolongation.

We would be happy to advise you and your child
in person during a first appointment

To avoid any surprises, we would like to briefly illustrate how such a first appointment takes place.
The goal of an orthodontic treatment is achieving a functionally and aesthetically pleasing denture situtation that anticipates potential future issues. We assess, whether there is a need for a treatment, now or at a later date. It helps if your child understands that we only have a „first look“ at his or her teeth.

Once we reach the right timing for the start of a therapy, we plan the creation of the required documentation and analyses. Photos, digital X-rays and impressions will be created. In the following session we then inform you and your child about potential dental/jaw misalignments and we discuss different treatment options to optimally address the needs of your child. At the same time you will get a detailed estimate of the treatment costs.

Together with you and your child we evaluate the optimal
treatment options during a non-binding first conversation

orthodontic appliances
Removable orthodontic appliances
metal or ceramic brackets
Fixed therapies with metal or ceramic brackets
Invisible treatments with Invisalign

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