The decision to start an orthodontic treatment as an adult often isn‘t easy. There are many open questions and uncertainties:

  • What is (still) possible with my teeth?
  • How big of an effort is it?
  • How long will the treatment take?
  • Will there be any implications on my professional and private life? Talking, sports, appearance, etc.?
  • How much does the therapy cost?

We would be glad to discuss these questions with you and answer them tailored to your individual needs during our first session.

Needs and expectations of the therapy vary significantly and it‘s important to us, to show you the different treatment options and treatment goals.


We are specialized in orthodontics and have many years of experience for treatments that are:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Nearly invisible
  • Optimized for shorter treatment duration
  • Individually designed

Our experience – among the top treatment centers with over 2000 patients treated with Invisalign aligners

  • Listed among Top 50 Invisalign-treaters across Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Diamond Status Invisalign
  • Gold Status Orthopulse

We work with nearly invisible treatment options, that can be accelerated
depending on individual needs and situation


Invisible treatments with Invisalign

Orthodontic treatments with Invisalign are based on a series of transparent plastic aligners. These aligners are fully transparent and are hardly recognized when placed on the teeth while offering unparalleled comfort.
>> More information about invisible treatments

metal brackets

Discrete white ceramic brackets

The wire applies its force through the brackets and graudally moves the teeth in their desired position.


Accelerated therapies with OrthoPulse®

To reduce treatments durations, we leverage OrthoPulse®, an innovative technology, to accelerate dental movements during an orthodontic treatment.